Ryobi HJP004L 38 12 Volt Drill


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For drilling and driving projects around the house that don’t require a great amount of power, the Ryobi HJP004L 12 volt kit is the perfect addition to your home. Tighten up screws on your furniture or around your outlets with ease. The drill’s compact size allows you to finagle your way into almost any nook and cranny of your house worry free. You can clip it to your belt while you maneuver around your worksite so your hands are free. It has a 22 position clutch that lets you adjust how much torque goes into driving various fasteners. Along with the drill / driver is an included 12 volt battery and charger. Ready to use right out of the box, you’ll have yourself an excellent toolkit for whatever minor repairs you may need around the house.

COMPACT: Light and tight design allows this drill / driver to reach nooks and crannies the bulkier 18 volt drills can’t reach.

WORKLIGHT: An onboard LED light is attached to the base of this tool so you can see your projects clear.

22 POSITION CLUTCH: You can adjust this drill’s torque to suit your jobs. Lower numbers for delicate scenarios and higher numbers for full power.

BELT CLIP: There is no need to have to constantly hold your drill on the job. Keep it on your person so you can have your hands free.

BATTERY AND CHARGER: Find added value in the 12 Volt lithium ion battery charger. It features an onboard charging meter and a 12 volt lithium ion battery. It is compatible with any Ryobi 12 volt lithium ion products.

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